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I hope you enjoy browsing the various moments captured here. If you would like photos of your own, please contact me and we will set something up!

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Class of 2018 Senior Portrait Season: MAX

Senior Portraits are special to me. I start looking forward to senior portrait season as soon as school let's out in June and the last tasseled cap has been tossed. 

Max was so much fun to work with this last week.  He has a charismatic smile and great sense of humor.

NOW BOOKING Senior Portraits in Hillsboro and surrounding areas. Class of 2018 Senior Special for high school senior pictures only. Includes session fee, 1.5 hour session, 2-3 clothing changes and location options in city of Hillsboro (travel fee associated with other locations), 20 fully edited images on cd with print release, online sneak peek. $325 Photos by ejrussell


What to Wear, Part 2

Every session is different and unique, but when investing in heirloom portraits or wall pieces, it is important to consider clothing details.  

I welcome and encourage clothing consultation prior to your session.  We can brainstorm colors and styles that compliment your vision, mood and location.

As you start to plan for our session, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Solid colors in muted or rich tones photograph best
  • Adults should wear sleeves and long pants/skirts
  • Keep hair and make-up true to your style.  If getting your hair cut, please do so at least 10 days prior to the session.
  • Keep it simple by wearing solid colors.
  • Skip the character tshirts, words on clothing, and avoid loud prints, plaids and stripes
  • Wear dark footwear (shoes and socks) unless you plan to be barefoot
  • Please don't all match.  Coordinating colors are perfect, but everyone in the same outfit is not.

Here in Hillsboro, Oregon we have beautiful seasons.  Currently, it is autumn, so to tailor the above guidelines to fall portraits, I have a few more tips

  • Layer pieces, whether that be scarves, or a sweater over a button up, but try to avoid layering in such a way that looks bulky.
  • Dress for the weather! Fall portraits in a sundress probably isn’t the look you’re going for, try dresses in darker tones, or sweaters with a nice pair of pants.
  • Accent pieces are great. A fun necklace to add to the outfit, or even boots or scarves!


What to Wear for Fall Portraits, Part 1

It is finally October, and it finally feels like fall is actually here. Autumn is an amazing season, whether that be for a nice day at the pumpkin patch, or for a photo session! My favorite thing about fall is the colors the come with it. The changing of the leaves is a great time to capture family moments. While the leaves themselves create a lot of the color in a photo, your outfits also play a huge part in how the overall photo turns out! One of my favorite color combinations in autumn is blue outfits against yellow leaves. The colors are opposites on the color wheel, so you stand out while creating a photo that looks really put together. Another good option is maroons or purple, using autumn as an opportunity to wear darker shades, and then photographing against greenery. However, I do realize it can be hard to coordinate an entire family using one color, and so neutrals are always an option as well. Brown, tan, gray, white, and even splashes of black can really sit well with the fall scenery. Take a look through the photos for some examples of the color schemes I mentioned above! Next time I'll do a more detailed post on this subject, but for today, just throwing some color ideas out there!

A good example of the maroon/purple color scheme
This family used blues and whites to make their picture perfect
Neutrals on a gorgeous fall day!


Miss White | Yet Another Traveling Dress Adventure

Late winter last year, I got out of work early one day and was encouraged by a friend and fellow photographer to wander into a thrift shop to look at dresses for photo shoots.  I stopped in and saw a huge lace monstrosity stuffed into a plastic bag.  At the very least, I thought I could use the lacy material in future crafting, so I lugged the bag to the front counter and paid for it. Imagine my delight when I found this beautiful dress!

I had the opportunity to use it with a gorgeous model for a concept shoot in the spring (See photos here) and then I decided that with such a fantastic dress, it would be fun to see how other people would use and photograph it, so I sent the dress on a short traveling adventure like I had with others.

I took a warm evening to shoot the dress on more time for the project before sending her on her way.

To see the other shoots, follow the blog links, starting with Alishia at The Potter's Hand


Miss Plum | Another Traveling Dress Adventure

I love to find ways to connect with other photographers and recently took on a few traveling dress projects with that purpose in mind.  In the spring, RED took a little trip (see the journey here) and then we launched little Miss Plum.

This child's dress traveled around the US, Canada and the UK and visited some amazing and very talented photographers.  Since I started the dress, I was also first to photograph it, so I have been waiting a long time to reveal my images and see those of the other participants.

I took my daughter and her friend out one afternoon (I got about 10 minutes from each girl) and played with very different looks and styles.

The first set is Urban Dancer, featuring Miss Ava.  I wanted edgy yet still youthful and girly for these photos.

The second set is Peony Masquerade, featuring Miss Bentli. With this shoot I was going for a surreal and quirky feel.

If you are interested in seeing more from her journey, visit Elisa's dress photos HERE

The travels have also been featured on FOCUSED PHOTOGRAPHERS


Now and Forever | Hillsboro Oregon Bridal and Wedding Photography

This beautiful couple has stolen pieces of my heart.  I love spending time with them, laughing with them and hearing pieces of their story.  After ten years together, they are finally saying "I do." and I feel so privileged to have captured their first look and love.

To see more, watch the short slideshow below!


Family on the Beach | Puerto PeƱasco Family Portraits Photographer

This gorgeous family drove down from Phoenix for some sunset photos on the beach.  The kids were amazing! So many wonderful smiles.


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