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Welcome to my second post for Life Songs. I am thrilled to be a part of a life stories project with eleven other talented photographers! In this series, we will be documenting our lives with a different theme song each month. The images in the posts will be taken from a less traditional approach, showcasing "real life" in our own ways. This month’s inspiration is "Heart of Gold” by Neil Young. It might be worth finding it and having a listen as you browse our blog circle. See the link to the next photographer in the circle at the end of this post.

I had grand visions for this month's post, but weather and life seemed to keep throwing curve balls. Then the other day something amazing happened. I had this vision for a beautiful shoot with my 3 year old son and my 2 year old daughter. (I know... Don't laugh.)

It involved fancy clothes, lovely light and a large bouquet of roses, but instead I went out to find rainbow weather (strong sunshine and heavy rain dancing the tango across the sky), my 2 year old had no interest in doing pictures, my 3 year old wanted to wear something altogether different, including a backwards cap that made his ears stick out. I promised we could feed the ducks and loaded my pockets with candy. I knew the shoot was a bust before we walked out the door.

I half-heartedly snapped a couple of shots amidst rainsdrops and sunbursts. I knew they were a mess. My daughter clung to my leg and slipped in the mud. My son swung the roses like a baseball bat and laughed at my attempts to salvage one perfect photo. I gave up, loaded everyone into the car, handed out the candy payments and headed home. Later that night I dared to peek at the photos I had snapped. They were a technical nightmare, and I deleted them all.

Then I stopped, opened the recycle bin icon on my computer and retrieved the files. I realized I was throwing away a moment of real life because it didn’t fit my vision. I was waiting for perfection and almost missed the magnificent beauty of IMPERFECTION! And I knew I had my life song. Amidst it all, I have my heart of gold in these precious children and our life together.



Thank you for viewing my Life Stories post, and please visit Erica Cummins, a fabulous Australian photographer at to see her take on this month's song!

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  1. So true! I don't know how many photos I have deleted because they weren't technically perfect. But the imperfect ones always seem to be my favorite. Good reminder to not just toss them out, and great pics of your little guy - so sweet!

  2. Beth, I am so glad you kept these photos. That is one gorgeous boy and I love his backwards cap. :)

  3. I love his smile! I would keep them too!!

  4. Almost cried reading this...and I love the pictures. I LOVE THAT BOY! My sweet nephew that I want to know... I miss you and I wish we were raising our kids together but God has another plan and I'll trust Him.
    For now I'll take our facebook chats and I am sooooo thankful that you are a photographer and you share so many wonderful photos of the kids. LOVE YOU! :: H ::

  5. So glad you decided to retrieve these! I LOVE that first one. It's very real to me. So sweet.

  6. that boy must steal your heart on a daily basis! Love these and am so glad you not only kept them, but shared them with us!


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