February 10 on 10 Blog Circle

Special projects keep my photography a passion and not a job.  I love being able to participate in group projects with other photographers, as well as pursuing my own interests.  This year I am trying to jump on board with a 10 on 10 activity that will encourage me to blog more consistently, introduce you to some great photographers, and be fun!

This month I want to introduce you to Ana.  She is entering that scary place between girlhood and that being grown. She is beautiful, smart and an awesome big sister. This age and stage is a tough place to be, and I was thrilled to capture her grace and beauty.  First time wearing make-up (just a tiny bit) and playing dress up in grown up dresses. Being twelve years old.

Now head over to  the talented Twin Cities, MN Photographer Leslie Crane for another great installment of 10 on 10!


  1. Gorgeous! I love that white lace dress on the soft background. Beautiful work!

  2. What a gorgeous girl and you did such a great job capturing her beauty! I love the pop of color from the flowers as well.

  3. These are simply stunning! Beautiful girl, and the colour is so vivid.

  4. These are so pretty Beth! What a beautiful girl you have. Gorgeous work!


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