April Showers | April 10 on 10 Blog Circle

This month's 10 on 10 is all about simplicity.  I have really enjoyed exploring puddlegrams (puddle reflection images from my iphone 4s which is barely alive).  Here are a few puddle pics from this spring.

I have also been so busy TAKING fun "real" photos that I haven't had much time to SHARE them here on my blog.  I am working on them slowly, but surely and if you are curious about the past few weeks feel free to head over to my facebook and see what's new.

I went to Miami for spring break in March for an amazing meet up with other photographers from all over.  Most of the time I took photos with my real camera, but I snapped a few on my phone.

My other job is at a school in Oregon.  Springtime fills this little puddle in the parking lot most evenings, so I catch the sunrise on my way in to school some mornings. 
It is amazing how different each sunrise is.

The tulips in Woodburn, Oregon love the rain!

 A puddle doesn't have to be huge or even reflecting anything fantastic to produce a fun view of the world. Sometimes you just need to kneel to the ground and catch life through a puddle.

Thanks for stopping by!  Make sure to leave a comment and head over to see what Shannon came up with this month at Cuddlebug Captures


  1. What a creative blog post! I love puddle reflections, and you do them so well. I will have to remember to try these more often!


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