Butterflies: a Concept Shoot | Hillsboro Oregon Portrait Photography

I love to shoot just for me, just for fun.  This shoot was about developing a concept image for the month of March.  Early spring is slow for many photogs, so it is a great time to play!
My Final Concept Image

The concept is based on the story Butterflies and Bottlecaps (by Eliza Clark and beautifully illustrated by Viadyana Krykorka). The Amazon book description says,
" Fly-away hair: a tale of what makes us different and special. 'Once there was a little girl who had butterflies for hair.' So begins Eliza Clark's tender and delightful story about a beautiful girl who doesn't feel beautiful. Splendidly set against the natural world of wild flowers, rivers, birds and insects,in which every creature is unique, Clark's lyrical prose leads us through the girl's yearnings to be the same as everyone else. Her journey of self-discovery shows her that what makes her different is exactly what makes her special."

Here are a few more images from the shoot.  I had fun playing with all different kinds of editing styles.


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