Miss Plum | Another Traveling Dress Adventure

I love to find ways to connect with other photographers and recently took on a few traveling dress projects with that purpose in mind.  In the spring, RED took a little trip (see the journey here) and then we launched little Miss Plum.

This child's dress traveled around the US, Canada and the UK and visited some amazing and very talented photographers.  Since I started the dress, I was also first to photograph it, so I have been waiting a long time to reveal my images and see those of the other participants.

I took my daughter and her friend out one afternoon (I got about 10 minutes from each girl) and played with very different looks and styles.

The first set is Urban Dancer, featuring Miss Ava.  I wanted edgy yet still youthful and girly for these photos.

The second set is Peony Masquerade, featuring Miss Bentli. With this shoot I was going for a surreal and quirky feel.

If you are interested in seeing more from her journey, visit Elisa's dress photos HERE

The travels have also been featured on FOCUSED PHOTOGRAPHERS


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