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Welcome to my first post for Life Songs. I am thrilled to be a part of a life stories project with eleven other talented photographers! In this series, we will be documenting our lives with a different theme song each month. The images in the posts will be taken from a less traditional approach, showcasing "real life" in our own ways. This month’s inspiration is "If you want to sing out, sing out” by Cat Stevens. It might be worth finding it and having a listen as you browse our blog circle. See the link to the next photographer in the circle at the end of this post.

This project I am hoping to try something different and explore things, people, emotions and experiences that mean something to me. I can't imagine thinking of music or "singing out" without thinking of my mom, Cinda Tilgner.

She raised me in song and my fondest memories from childhood involve her making music. She is an amazing performer, singer, musician and all around special lady.


She can make any instrument that she touches sing to her, and her new passion in the ukulele is no different. She has been using this fun and beautiful instrument to bring song to those who thought themselves "non-musical" and link communities together.


My mom isn't a huge fan of how "old" her hands look, but my hands look just like hers and I am proud. I know that her fingers have coaxed music from the air and mended souls... what a legacy!



Thank you for viewing my Life Stories post, and please visit Leah Robinson, an amazing photographer in Dublin, Ireland ( to see her take on this month's song!

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  1. I have huge tears in my eyes from this work, Beth. You will always accomplish everything you set out to do. Keep your spirit alive and don't ever forget what you're capable of doing. DREAM BIG! I love you. Love, Mom

  2. Okay, I love this! I love the spirit of joy that you can feel exuding from these pictures of your mom. I was also raised in a really musical family, and it's awesome to learn this about you. I love your mom's hands, and they don't look old to me at all. They look just like my hands and my mom's. (We'll have to compare hands!)Nice job!

  3. Tears here too Beth! Beautiful photography work and writing about our wonderful mom!
    One of my fondest "Mom music memories" is of laying in her lap with my ear up to her guitar while she sang lovely homemade lullabies.
    I also remember songs coming from the record player and that being quite special.
    And listening to Julie McCarl, Cat Stevens, and especially Jerry Jeff Walker while Mom cleaned house.
    And the hammered dulcimer, of course the piano, etc.
    My poor hands are showing signs of the genetic "old lady look" and arthritis as well.
    Love you Beth! Love you Mom!
    Thank you for the gifts you share!

  4. Beth, I love that you got your mum in on this! You did a great job using different compositions and angles to create a story.

  5. absolutely lovely, Beth! I can feel the love for your mom in every shot. (((HUGS))) to you both! My mom is a 'music maker' too and I can't think of a more wonderful gift for your child.

  6. What a wonderful project you are participating in, these pictures of your mother are beautiful, and I can't wait to see many more of your images inspired by song.


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