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Welcome to my April post for Life Songs. I am thrilled to be a part of a life stories project with other talented photographers from all over the world! In this series, we will be documenting our lives with a different theme song each month. The images in the posts will be taken from a less traditional approach, showcasing "real life" in our own ways. This month’s inspiration is " ABC" by The Jackson Five. It might be worth finding it and having a listen as you browse our blog circle. See the link to the next photographer in the circle at the end of this post.

This month was a challenge. The song is fun, I had tons of cute ideas and I didn't make it happen the way I wanted to. I listened to the song again and I read the lyrics... I decided that if this project is designed to push myself and challenge myself, then I needed a different approach. So I went to school, literally! This is where I live during the day...
From experience, I can tell you that none of it is easy. Learning is a struggle and love is a struggle. We have to fight for what is important to us.

Thank you for viewing my Life Stories post, and please visit Lila at to see her take on this month's song!

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  1. I love the message in this post, because it definitely isn't always easy.

  2. Great message, and I love all the school shots. Great post!

  3. Now I see why you were in my room! Love it. Great job, Beth!


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