RED: A Traveling Dress Adventure

Back at the beginning of the year, I got a crazy idea and bought a dress, then rounded up some fantastic and fun photographers to take part in my silly little project.  I then packaged up a dress (and some little goodies for my friends) and shipped it off.  It wandered around the USA and even stopped in Canada, getting photographed along the way.  

I have not even seen the photos the other ladies have produced, but I trust they are amazing.  
I had grand plans for my dress shoot, but had trouble finding water that would work.  I am thankful for my friend who modeled and my neighbor that let me use the hot-tub in her backyard.  The day was VERY bright, the water very hot and my balance was one leg in, one leg out (which means we left the neighbor's yard though a side gate and walked home down the block together, me in jeans half soggy and her drenched in a long red dress. I think I will try to recreate this idea when the weather is better and the lake is warm enough to float someone in.

It was a good time and I am excited to launch another dress or two very soon!

You can see the other images on Focused Photographers or ride the blog train by stopping off at Riverrains Photography


  1. Fabulous photos Beth, I really love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing and for your great ideas that keep us inspired.


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