What to Wear for Fall Portraits, Part 1

It is finally October, and it finally feels like fall is actually here. Autumn is an amazing season, whether that be for a nice day at the pumpkin patch, or for a photo session! My favorite thing about fall is the colors the come with it. The changing of the leaves is a great time to capture family moments. While the leaves themselves create a lot of the color in a photo, your outfits also play a huge part in how the overall photo turns out! One of my favorite color combinations in autumn is blue outfits against yellow leaves. The colors are opposites on the color wheel, so you stand out while creating a photo that looks really put together. Another good option is maroons or purple, using autumn as an opportunity to wear darker shades, and then photographing against greenery. However, I do realize it can be hard to coordinate an entire family using one color, and so neutrals are always an option as well. Brown, tan, gray, white, and even splashes of black can really sit well with the fall scenery. Take a look through the photos for some examples of the color schemes I mentioned above! Next time I'll do a more detailed post on this subject, but for today, just throwing some color ideas out there!
A good example of the maroon/purple color scheme
This family used blues and whites to make their picture perfect
Neutrals on a gorgeous fall day!


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