Golden Hour Fail | Hillsboro OR Photographer

Photographers often refer to "the golden hour" which is a stretch of time (often much shorter than an hour and sometimes as brief as a few minutes) when the light is soft and golden shortly before the sun goes down.  A fellow photographer in a challenge group I participate in assigned us to shoot through the golden hour, and I happily planned to let my kids stay up past bedtime to do just that.  Oregon weather had different plans, and despite a forecast of sun and a full week of gorgeous evenings, the rain rolled in around 3pm.  It got dark quickly and rained for the next several hours.  It was still drizzling when I packed kids into the car at 7:20 (past bedtime) and headed out to find a spot to shoot.  "Golden" Hours was gray and drizzly, but I pushed through the challenge and am sharing a few that I salvaged.  I need to go back and see what else I may have from that night.


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