Miss White | Yet Another Traveling Dress Adventure

Late winter last year, I got out of work early one day and was encouraged by a friend and fellow photographer to wander into a thrift shop to look at dresses for photo shoots.  I stopped in and saw a huge lace monstrosity stuffed into a plastic bag.  At the very least, I thought I could use the lacy material in future crafting, so I lugged the bag to the front counter and paid for it. Imagine my delight when I found this beautiful dress!

I had the opportunity to use it with a gorgeous model for a concept shoot in the spring (See photos here) and then I decided that with such a fantastic dress, it would be fun to see how other people would use and photograph it, so I sent the dress on a short traveling adventure like I had with others.

I took a warm evening to shoot the dress on more time for the project before sending her on her way.

To see the other shoots, follow the blog links, starting with Alishia at The Potter's Hand


  1. Beth that field of clover is gorgeous and fantastic! These are classic and just beautiful! Love the painterly feel and the movement in the last image--that stormy sky is stunning!


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